Diary of a Chronically ill Cat Lover

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Hi I’m a cat crazy person, anything to do with cats I love!

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Banging headache today, staying in my bed.

I woke up at 12am with a banging headache, its usually to do with my neck so i ran a hot bath. yes at that time of the morning lol. then went back to bed to try and sleep it off but i still have it this morning, it was an effort to get myself…More

Going to be busy today

Feeling a little bit better now I’ve had some sleep, I don’t feel as tired. I have been tidying up before going to collect my son from his dad’s. Looks like it’s going to rain so I don’t think we will be doing much other than indoors. Then when he goes back tonight I bath…More

Hate this can’t sleep rubbish

It’s not that I can’t sleep I do fall asleep and I’m shattered but lately I’ve been waking up silly o’clock I.e….. 2am! Been for the past week now, I’m so tired feel like I’ve not slept. According to my fit it I had 10 hours sleep!? I don’t think so, my eyes were stinging…More

Can’t sleep!!

I just can’t seem to sleep tonight its now 1.32am. i have been trying to sort some bits out and they are still not sorted. need to ring my bank later today i suppose since it is past midnight. Today i finally finished one of my diamond paintings and it is now up on my…More

Down and fed up today

I just feel down and fed up today, fed up with being lonely no friends. Just sat at home know one to talk to doing the same sh!t everyday. Feel so crap and depressed that this is how my life has always been, never really had a true friend. Only one a that pretended to…More

Sorry, for no updates, but here’s what’s been happening….

So its been a mixture of emotions the past few days. 😭🤣😴😍😄 I’ve been so tired and feel like giving up, I rang the hospital to find out when this operation will be…. Obviously covid has buggered things up. Feels like they don’t care about us with chronic illness just left us to suffer these…More

Past few days…

So… On Friday 28th May I was soooo fatigued it was unreal. I had no energy for anything, I had to get up and clean the house ready to pick my son up from school. They finish at 12pm here on a Friday. The picture above was me resting to try get energy to do…More

Bedtime finally 😴

Today wasn’t too bad, I sat about playing some games until I looked at the time and it was 1pm already! I was like sh!t!! I need to tidy up before getting my son from school. My son comes to mine for his tea on Wednesdays. He was happy to see me when I was…More

Its been a long!! Day. I have my son for tea today.

I’ve been up since silly o’clock because of my lovely neighbour and her door slamming at 6am! I’ve just been sat playing doom on my PC in between tidying up, I really can’t be bothered today I just wanna sit and chill. But I need to get it done for collecting my son later from…More

Welcome to my blog!

I will just be posting about my daily struggles with a chronic illness and mental health problems. Also updates of my furry friends…. My cats!More

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